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Welcome to PDL Consultant Group, LLC. If you have found us, you probably are at a fork in the road of your personal life or professional space. The PDL Consultant Group specializes in consulting and transitional coaching, which provides you with practical solutions to help you resolve the most challenging situations in your world. Coupled with Kingdom principles, our certified coaches utilize certified instruments such as EQi 2.0/ EQ 360 for individuals and businesses, Prepare and Enrich instrument for couples and Myers Briggs Type Indicator for individual consulting.


Our company focuses on getting you the results and outcomes you desire for your life. We provide one-on-one sessions for personal development, webinar training for Social-Emotional Development in the workplace, and cultural training to include women empowerment, intergenerational leadership in the workplace, and conflict resolution.  


Contact us today to schedule your consultation.If you have any questions, please let us know. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. 


*Due to the current pandemic, all sessions are conducted online until further notice.

Our Vision
To provide practical solutions to individuals, couples, and organizations in transition


Our Mission 

Developing people to be their best selves by providing practical solutions for personal growth, personal development, and leadership.

Core Values

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